Facebook Messenger Chatbot for Businesses

Utilizing social media for a business can be difficult because there are so many facets of social media platforms, like Facebook, today. One tool business are beginning to use to make social media management for Facebook more manageable is a Facebook Messenger Chatbot platform. With a Facebook Messenger Chatbot, you can promote, engage, and help your customers without you physically having to do so. In an effort to help more businesses start engaging with their audience this way, I wanted to throw out some ideas for how your business could use a Facebook Messenger Chatbot.

Facebook Messenger Chatbot Uses

Quickly Share Operational Information

How many phone calls and Facebook messenger requests do you get asking about hours of operation, phone number, directions or address, if something is in stock, etc.? Did you know you can program a Facebook Messenger Chatbot to automatically answer questions based on certain keywords that are in the question that customers ask.

Build a Sales Funnel

Facebook Ads are an incredible way to get your business name out there, sell products and advertise services. Most people do not know that instead of leading a potential client to a landing page or lead form, you can send them directly to Facebook Messenger. By doing this, you can automatically start the person that showed interest into your ad into a chat flow. This really opens up your ability to qualify leads, get leads to perform an action, or add leads to a chatbot sequence that will follow up with them at a later date.

Example: I built a Facebook Messenger Chatbot to further qualify people that clicked on Auto Insurance ads I had posted. My chatbot would walk leads that clicked on the ad through a variety of questions, capturing information as the conversation flow continued. At the end of the flow, the chatbot would send a notification to me, via email, if the lead was a very qualified lead. At that point, I had all the information an Insurance Agent would need in order to run a preliminary quote for the client without having to talk to them first. The value of qualified leads in this type of scenario are easily 5 times more valuable that unqualified leads.

Facebook Messenger Chatbot Uses by Adam Brewer Marketing ConsultantBuild a Subscriber List

Do you have trouble getting people to opt-in to your email, SMS, or newsletter? Chatbots can help here as well. Since most users have an email address linked to their Facebook account, capturing that information is so much easier with a Facebook Messenger Chatbot. Imagine being able to reach more people AND increase the percentage of people that sign up for further correspondence.

Build a Information Stream

Most businesses today that writing blogs, publishing videos, and getting information out on the internet and inside of social media is a must. The sad fact is, 96% of people, in your network, never see the content that you publish online. However, if you start engaging prospects via a Chatbot, you can send them your newest blog, video, or newsletter directly to their inbox via Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger Chatbot Vendors

Facebook Messenger Chatbot Marketing - Adam Brewer Marketing ConsultantNow that you know HOW to use a Facebook Messenger Chatbot for your business, you have to know what the vendors that offer this technology. I have used two different chatbot platforms when it comes to Facebook Messenger, ManyChat & Chatfiuel.

ManyChat – Chatbot builder that helps you build chat flows with an easy, visual flow builder

ChatFuel – Chatbot builder that builds chat flows step by step.

Get Started with a Facebook Messenger Chatbot

Now that your wheels are turning, get started by incorporating a Facebook Messenger Chatbot into your online marketing strategy today. If you would like more information or to talk more about these Chatbots, drop me a comment or email me!


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