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Before we get started with this awesome review, I have to let you know that this post contains affiliate links that are intended to get help you find the best products, quickly; yes, if you click a link in this review & end up buying this product based on the review, I get some pennies for my time & effort.

As someone that shaves his head every two days (at the minimum), finding a good razor is really important to me. I have, literally, tried all of the razor subscription services out there: Dollar Shave Club, Defender Razor, Gillette, Harry’s, Bevel, and Morgans. All of these razor subscription services are great, but Harry’s is by far the best of the bunch and I want to tell you why.

Harry's Story

Most companies have learned that telling an engaging story really helps sell their products. I have’t done research on any of the other razor subscription services so I cannot say if they also do some of the things Harry’s does, but everything we talk about Harry’s is straight from their website.

Harry’s story is basically two guys that were tired of paying an incredibly high amount of money for razors that included a large mark-up from middle men, distributors, etc. You can view their story here:

Harry's Razor Quality

The first thing you notice when you pick up one of Harry’s razors is the grip of the handle. For most men, grip is super important when shaving up their neck; its also very important when trimming or shaping a beard. While this is all very true, grip is even more important when you shave your head constantly. The grip on Harry’s razors is the best of any I have used; it doesn’t matter in which way I am holding the razor to shave the curve of my head, I always have a great grip and strong shave, even when wet.

The razor heads themselves are well built and firmly attached to the razor head. I have had many razor heads break when I slosh them around in the water or tap them on the sink to get the hair out of them. I have not experienced this with Harry’s razors yet.

If you want to learn even more about the quality of Harry’s razors, visit their interactive site: Harry’s – A Closer Look

Harry's Razors Social Mission

Nothing helps earn my business more than a socially responsible company. I don’t expect the companies that I buy from to give away any of even a small portion of their profits, ever; I have ran a business, I know how much every dollar is critical. However, when a company, of their own volition, gives away a portion of their sales (even a small portion) to a charity or a cause, it makes me want to buy from them.

Harry’s is challenging the way we buy razors and they also want to challenge other irrelevant cliches as well. They site says:

At Harry’s, we take giving seriously. Every year, we donate 1% of our sales, and a lot of our employees’ time to charitable organizations. Going forward we will be focusing on those which align with our ambition to challenge stereotypes of masculinity, and which try to help guys be themselves.

Harry's Razors' Price

Harry’s razors are going to run you between $2.25 (4 pack) to $1.88 (16 pack) per razor per shipment. The razors are quality and one percent of the sale goes toward charity. All in all, not bad.

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