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In today’s world, just having a social media page for your company or business is not enough; you have to engage with your clients on a daily basis in order to be seen as relevant. Posting every day is HARD, though. Check out 99Dollar Social, they post once a day, on your behalf, for only $99 per month. That is an insane deal!

What You Get

tired of trying to come up with relevant content to post to your business’s social media each day? Stop worrying about it! With a subscription to $99 Dollar Social, you get 1 post per day to your choice of 2 separate social media platforms. If you want to add more social media platforms, you can do so for a nominal upcharge; for example, you can add LinkedIn posts to the rotation for $19 per month.

Why Social Media Posting is Important

Most people know that having a social media presence is very important. However, most people don’t know that having a social media page with no postings or engagement is worse than having no pages at all. Other than being an engaged business on social media, you will receive the SEO benefit from sharing links from your website or blog.

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Full Review of $99 Dollar Social

If you want a full review of $99 Dollar Social and their platform, check it out here: 99 Dollar Social Review – Social Media Posting Vendor Review

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