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Website Design

Website design was the first skill I embarked on after graduating college with a degree in marketing. This skill was born out of necessity, as my boss, whom was responsible for building websites, quit shortly after I was hired. Seeing an opportunity (and knowing that a replacement was not likely to be hired anytime soon) I taught myself to design, code and build websites.

While this ability was born out of humble beginnings, I would eventually be hired to as an Agency Development Manager for a small boutique agency; my role was to sell, design and execute website design services to clients. I did so well, the agency eventually shifted the main product focus to be around offering mobile-optimized website design for clients.

Website Design by Adam Brewer Website Development

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has both increased and decreased in popularity during the time I have been performing it. Exploiting search engines, like Google and Bing, for better website result placement hit its high point in 2012 to 2015. While the search engine algorithms have changed quite a bit along the way, the basic principles have not.

Ranking websites is a passion of mine; SEO is a gigantic puzzle that is solved through keyword research, incredible content, link building, social media & user engagement. I like to illustrate how well SEO works by frequently creating products reviews on my website. While these are great for traffic to my own website, it also showcases my SEO prowess. There are literally hundreds of products reviews for every product I review; however, my reviews are consistently ranking high in Google and Bing for their targeted keyword phrases.

Search Engine Optimation by Adam Brewer

Content Creation / Writing

Great content creation goes hand-in-hand with successful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and overall brand management. When I first started working in internet/digital marketing, I worked for tiny, tiny companies that only had the funds to support a single marketing person. This budget blight forced me to become versatile with a lot of the internet marketing functions required to properly brand a company or business online. One of the easiest ways to improve a business’s reach and presence online is great written content. Over the years, I have written many articles for many companies in blog posts, white papers, online newsletters, and other forms of writing.

Since then, I have ventured into other forms of content creation like graphic design (info-graphics) and video/motion graphics videos. Content creation starts with a solid plan but is executed in various forms. Truly great content can be used in a variety of ways, making a single, great piece of content worth a great deal to any online brand or presence.

Content Writing by Adam Brewer

Graphic Design

Working, again, for small companies has forced me to be multi-talented in many aspects of design. Creating graphics for content & social media over the years has made me fairly well-versed in graphic design. While some programs of Adobe’s Creative Suite are still foreign to me, I have a solid grasp on the important ones for design: Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro, & After Effects.

While I cannot replace or match the skill of a dedicated Graphic Designer, I don’t think its too far-fetched to say I can hold my own!

Graphic Design by Adam Brewer

Facebook Messenger Marketing / Chatbots

Facebook Messenger Marketing is one of the newer marketing endeavors I have embarked on. Facebook has always been a powerhouse to any marketing team, but with the new abilities with Facebook Messenger, marketers now have an incredible way to reach audiences, get audiences to subscribe to their messaging and automating that messaging.

One such way I have used Facebook Messenger Chatbot is selling qualified insurance leads to vendors. By getting people to indicate they are interested in an insurance quote and qualifying them further with a Facebook Messenger Chatbot, I am able to earn $15-$20 per lead instead of $3 to $5.

Facebook Messenger Marketing by Adam Brewer

Motion Graphics / Video Production

YouTube showed the world that video is the new medium for consuming content. Users are much more apt to be feed content, forcefully at times, rather than seek out the content and read it to digest it. As search engine algorithms got smarter, they began to understand and rank on video metrics in addition to written content (Google buying YouTube also really helped move things along). Using video in advertising or on a landing page can increase conversion by up to 80%. With stats like this, companies and businesses have been quick to implement videos into their online marketing strategies.

Being a fan of all things internet marketing, I had to get into this new online marketing phenomenon that was increasing conversion rates. In addition to helping my own marketing convert better, I started creating videos for small to medium sized businesses as well.

Motion Graphics Video Production by Adam Brewer

Product Review Writing

What started out as a quest to earn a new, free laptop, turned into a passion for testing and reviewing products. I am an avid reader of product reviews; however, I often find them misleading, lacking substance or too technical. I set out to review products in a way that actually provided value to my readers.

I also really needed the SEO traffic at the time to avoid paying for a brand new laptop that I was trying to get (via my review website).

Product Reviews by Adam Brewer

Social Media Marketing

Since its inception, social media has been a dream for internet marketers. Before social media, getting users to allow businesses to know personal information about them and their direct contact information took a lot of money and a lot of sneakiness. Nowadays, consumers give away so much personal information about themselves that help us, as marketers, be more precise in targeting our advertisements. This helps increase conversion rates and decrease overall costs.

There isn’t a marketing campaign I launch today that is not supported, in some way, by a social media campaign.

Social Media Marketing by Adam Brewer

Social Media Video Ad Creation

Video Ads are increasing click-through-rates and conversion for Facebook and LinkedIn ads across the board. Most small and medium sized companies do not have the ability to create these videos on their own. I sit down with clients and figure out what kind of ad they are wanting and then create a beautiful ad for the campaign.


Check out some of my Facebook Video Ads!

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