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As a WordPress website designer, I am always looking out for things that will improve or enhance what I offer to my clients. Some of the most valuable tools in a designer’s  toolkit are items that improve speed or efficiency. On rare occasions, I come across a product that not only increases speed and efficiency, but enhances my skills as a designer and actually IMPROVES my work. The Jupiter WordPress Theme by Artbees is definitely one of these products. The theme boasts:

Jupiter is a perfect solution for all kinds of businesses from corporations, shop owners and small businesses to startups, artists and bloggers. With over 28,000 active users, Jupiter business WordPress theme gives you the power to create a unique-looking website with an easy-to-use drag and drop page builder that’s fully responsive, retina-ready, and SEO-optimized.

Ease of Use

Website design is not just for professional website designers anymore. While there are still many “tricks of the trade,” there are thousands of people, now more than ever, that want a blog or to start a website for their own use. In the past, these entrepreneurs were limited to blog platforms like WordPress, Blogger or Tumblr to create their masterpieces. With the expansion of WordPress and the commercialization of themes, like Jupiter, any can build a professional looking website regardless of experience.

Jupiter comes equipped with Visual Composer, a WordPress plugin that makes the back-end build of your website, literally, a drag-and-drop system complete with columns, style boxes, icons, picture galleries, and everything else you could ever want. The team at Artbees has also customized this plugin to create an even more enhanced experience in Visual Composer for the Jupiter WordPress Theme.

The Jupiter WordPress theme also has built in several other plugins to their system making creating things like testimonials, team members, image galleries and everything else you can think of, incredibly simple.


No matter  how  modern a website looks, if it is slow to load, no one will stick around to see how awesome it is. With the drastic increase in mobile device use, between smartphones and tablets, is imperative that a website not only look amazing, but be fast as well.

The Jupiter WordPress theme has done an incredible job of being extremely versatile while still remaining incredibly “light.” I have built websites on this platform with videos and huge HD images, and the Jupiter WordPress Theme handles them with grace.


Anyone who has ever  purchased more than one WordPress Premium Theme will tell you that buying premium themes saves a ton of design time, but working from one theme to the next is like starting over because the back-ends usually vary dramatically.

Jupiter WordPress Theme’s real value comes in its versatility and it really shines. The Jupiter WordPress Theme is called a “Multi-Purpose” theme because it can adapt to any situation. It used to be themes were created for a single purpose, like a photography WordPress theme or an online magazine WordPress theme. I cannot say if Jupiter was the first WordPress theme to roll out the Multi-Purpose designation, but they definitely have done it the best.

The Jupiter WordPress theme comes with over 100 different templates that you can use to build a website instantly with their demo content. That is 100 different versions of what your website can look like right out of the box! Even if you don’t like any of the templates provided, it just goes to show you the versatility of what the Jupiter WordPress theme can do.


The only real issue, if it can be considered an issue, that I have found with the Jupiter WordPress theme is updating it to new versions. While, for a designer that is familiar with the theme and the updating process, it’s an everyday task, someone not familiar with WordPress, Jupiter or FTP may find it difficult to update the theme. This can become tiresome for people as there is an update to the theme each time there is an update to WordPress (more or less). While this is no fault of the theme itself, it can make it difficult for an everyday user to get the most out  of the theme.


Even though the Jupiter WordPress theme might be troublesome to update, users are in luck! Artbees has an excellent support system in place that will, quickly and efficiently, helps users with almost any problem. When a problem persists, they have, in times past, actually gone into my WordPress installations to further diagnose the problem or fixed the problems themselves, free of charge.


Anyone who has ever searched  for a theme inside WordPress or through a third-party vendor can tell you that they range in price from free to upwards of $180. Luckily for you, the Jupiter WordPress theme only costs $59. Yes, that is  more expensive than the majority of WordPress themes out there today,  but the Jupiter WordPress theme is truly a “premium” theme that will save you a ton of time and actually help you make your website look amazing.

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