What are AMP Website Pages?

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) are the product of a shift in the lifestyle of search engine users. Search Engine Marketers have been battling Google and its ever-changing, ever-evolving ranking algorithm for more than a decade. For those of us in the trenches everyday, its become apparent that Google is focusing more and more on the mobile experience of the results it presents to a search query. Accelerated Mobile Pages is a concept to help the web be more accessible for everyone and to make mobile searching and browsing experience top notch.

What Are Accelerated Mobile Pages?

In an effort to make the internet easier and faster to browse from anywhere in the world, Accelerated Mobile Pages aim to strip down heavy design features and clunky code; making content pages as ‘light’ as possible for easy loading. This doesn’t mean that all of your articles have to be dull and stripped down, a webmaster will create a specific “AMP” version of their content that will be easily accessible in the event a user is on a smartphone and trying to access the content directly or through a search engine.

Why Are AMP Website Pages Important?

AMPs further illustrate the direction that Google, other search engines, and the open web in general are heading; everything points to a more responsive and UI friendly mobile web. As we saw with “Mobie-geddon” in 2015, these new AMP pages will slowly have a significant impact on mobile rank in addition to bleed over to organic desktop rankings.

WordPress AMP Website Plugin

For those of you running a WordPress website, you are in luck. There just so happens to be an AMP plugin that automatically duplicates your blog posts, and reposts them on your website to the AMP specs with a /amp url. At the moment, this plugin only works on blog posts created in WordPress, it does not work for pages; however, this should change in future releases of the AMP WordPress Plugin.

Regular Website Page Example

What Are AMP Website Pages - Adam Brewer Marketing ConsultantAMP Website Page Example

What Are AMP Website Pages Example by Adam Brewer Marketing Consultant

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